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2019 Blogging and Bookish Community Goals

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of blogging! It’s been a great year and I’m proud of what I’ve done on my blog so far.

First off, it’s been fun. I love writing reviews. It’s made me a more observant reader which has helped my own writing. When I started writing my novel seriously, I became a bit more critical while reading but writing reviews has made a difference. I take notes and really think about how small aspects of writing impact stories and I’ve paid more attention to how authors do the things I like within my favorite books. Aside from that, I’ve loved connecting with other readers and getting book recommendations. Blogging has been a very positive part of my life this past year, but there’s always room for improvement. These are some of my 2019 goals for this blog but also my involvement in the bookish community. 


I’m happy with my posting schedule (and that I’ve never missed a day!) and happy with the content I’ve written. This year, I’d like to do some guest posts on here, maybe from other bloggers or maybe from one of the self-published authors I’ve reviewed. I’d also like to come up with my own book tag at some point or possibly my own weekly meme. Also, I’d like to have my posts written and ready to go in advance. That’s always been my plan but some weeks are more last minute than others and I’d like to get it under control.


The number of followers shouldn’t matter if you’re enjoying yourself, which I am, but I can’t help but pay attention to them sometimes. I currently have 110 followers which is…somewhat discouraging if I’m honest. I appreciate every one of those followers but I can’t help but feel I’m doing something wrong when I see newer blogs with a lot more. I’m hesitant to set a numeric goal for followers this year since it’s taken me this long to reach what I have now but I would like to see an increase. It probably comes down to my own interaction with bloggers, which could be improved. Alas, I’m proud of the followers I have and the posts I’ve written. It’s exciting to me that even that many people follow me.



Oh, Bookstagram. You time consuming devil, you. I started my Instagram account the same day I started this blog and consistently uploaded daily for months. But then I realized how much time taking the photos everyday was taking away from my writing and I was running out of photo set-up ideas to continue on that pace. So I decided to cut it back and only post photos when I posted on my blog, except I wasn’t strict about it and let it fizzle out. I finally got my feed theme figured out and am prouder of my more recent pictures than I was of my other ones (which I liked and was happy with for the most part but some felt rushed because I put pressure on myself to post daily). I love my photos—I just don’t always love taking them and editing them, so I manage to put it off. I haven’t uploaded a photo in over a month and even then, it was weeks between my last two photos. My goal this year is to find my enthusiasm for taking photos again because I really loved doing it and it was fun for a long time. I want to make my Bookstagram a priority again and start including some of my photos on my blog because I do love them. My goal is to post at least three times a week.

My general activity on Instagram needs to be improved, too. It’s too easy to post and forget to interact with other people even when I like their content. I need to be more involved. I think it could bring new readers to the website but it’s also another place to talk books. I currently have 153 followers but I’d like to see that grow too—more substantially than I could hope for on the blog because I’ve found Instagram followers easier to attract (I’ve had more followers than my current number but my lack of posting has sent some packing, understandably).


Updating what books I’m reading and what books I want on Goodreads is a relatively new thing for me and I never talk to people on there.  I hope to change that over the course of 2019. I’m not concerned with the numbers on this particular platform but I’d like to use the platforms I have to bring people to this website since it is my main contribution to the bookish community and where all of my bookish thoughts are.

I’ve really enjoyed my first year of being a book blogger. There was a bit of a learning curve trying to handle all of the social media that’s gone along with it, though. I’ll even admit that I didn’t have the WordPress app or know that it was where I was going to get my readers from for months. I’ve learned, though, and now I want to improve what I’m doing and attract more readers. I’m looking forward to whatever 2019 has in store for me. If anyone has any tips for blogging or Bookstagram, please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,


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4 thoughts on “2019 Blogging and Bookish Community Goals

    1. Thank you so much, Carla! Though I certainly hope the followers will come, I’ve enjoyed blogging so much that I will keep sharing no matter what. 🖤

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