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ABC Book Challenge–B

I’m continuing the ABC Book Challenge today, discussing books that start with B. For some of them, I’ve chosen books that start with the word “The” because I just don’t have enough books that actually start with B—I hope it’s not cheating! 

Memorable Books

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne


I recommend this book to everyone who loves WWII historical fiction and/or touching stories. It’s been around for a few years time but if you haven’t picked it up, get it! I can’t recommend it enough. It was shorter than expected but amazing and had an ending that came out of nowhere and felt like a punch to the throat, to be honest. 

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I loved this book when I was around 11 or 12 years old. It’s definitely aimed at that age and I absolutely ate it up. I read it more than once and it was my favorite book for awhile. I remember thinking it perfectly captured how I thought high school would be (a big HA to that) and wanting to be like the main character and her friends. I don’t think I’d like it now but it was definitely memorable. If you like light, summery YA contemporary reads, it may be for you.

The Book of Celtic Myths

Oh, I loved this so much. I’m a massive nerd for mythology and I love learning about it and finding inspiration in it. I read this earlier this year and recommend it to any writers looking for mythological inspirations or for people interested in the culture and beliefs of the Celts. I’m looking forward to reading the Book of Viking Myths.

Books on my TBR

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco 


When Tea accidentally resurrects her brother from the dead, she learns she is different from the other witches in her family. Her gift for necromancy means that she’s a bone witch, a title that makes her feared and ostracized by her community. But Tea finds solace and guidance with an older, wiser bone witch, who takes Tea and her brother to another land for training. In her new home, Tea puts all her energy into becoming an asha-one who can wield elemental magic. But dark forces are approaching quickly, and in the face of danger, Tea will have to overcome her obstacles…and make a powerful choice.

This looks right up my alley and the cover is great!

The Book of English Folk Tales by Sybil Marshall and John Lawrence 


“A compilation of vivid, sometimes fearsome stories…The England we visit here has no afternoon teas or jolly rounds of cricket on lovely green lawns. In these pages, the sophisticated reader steps onto older, darker soil half-soaked in blood, superstition, and magic.” —The Wall Street JournalMaster storyteller, social historian, and folklorist Sybil Marshall scoured English history to bring together a fascinating collection of folk tales in one glorious edition. Out-of-print for over thirty years, Overlook is re-issuing this bewitching book to enchant a new audience.From the great mass of folk tales that exists, Sybil Marshall has chosen a wide variety of stories, retelling them with wit and suspense. We have her tales of the little people and of giants, of the Devil and the saints, and supernatural and moral tales.Let Sybil Marshall lead you through the old English countryside, exploring the beliefs and legends of time gone by. This beautifully packaged edition, complete with wood engraved illustrations by John Lawrence, will entertain, educate, and ensnare audiences of all ages.

I told y’all I was interested in this stuff! And how amazing is this cover? I think it’s clothbound!

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest


Evil looms on the horizon, and for Elloren Gardner, granddaughter of the last Black Witch, pressure to live up to her magical heritage is building. Elloren’s people, the Gardnerians, believe she will follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. But Elloren is utterly devoid of power—in a society that prizes magical ability above all else. Granted the opportunity to study at the prestigious Verpax University, Elloren sets out to embrace a destiny of her own, free from the shadow of her grandmother’s legacy. But the university may be the most treacherous place of all for the granddaughter of the Black Witch, and Elloren soon realizes that the world she knows is not what it seems. If she is to survive the coming danger, she’ll have to free her mind from the assumptions she was raised with, and learn to trust the very people she’s been taught to hate and fear.

I just found this recently but it sounds really good. I can’t wait to get through my review request books so I can start buying books again! 

I hope you enjoyed this post despite my inability to find books that start with B and not “the,” it’s more difficult than it looks! 


Thanks for reading, 


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