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I finally read City of Bones and everyone reading this is cordially invited to the crowning of my new queen Cassandra Clare. Am I being a little hasty with this proclamation? Maybe, but I loved it so much and I have a feeling she won’t disappoint with the rest of the series. Or the next series. Or the next after that. Nothing is better than finding a new author who writes really well and has such amazing characters and worlds that you can’t wait to get your hands on their other books. 

Anyway, on to City of Bones. If I haven’t made it obvious enough, I loved it. It does feel a bit young but not in a bad way at all—some books (and writers) have a certain magic where they reach beyond the typical age range and people from 12 to 25 and older love it. City of Bones is one of these, it was young and relatable and so funny. Oh my god, the dialogue was incredible and I actually laughed out loud at some things. I loved the characters—everyone felt so real and acted like real people their age. Clary is only 15 and she acts like it. In so many fantasy books we see teen characters that act much older and have a sort of dark maturity about them and, though I don’t have a problem with that, I did enjoy reading about a 15 year old who acted and talked like one. I loved the friendships, too. The characters each have a unique, recognizable voice and personality. We might have another Leigh Bardugo/Six of Crows situation on our hands (I might scream about the characters from the top of a mountain. Mostly Jace—his sense of humor is my favorite.) 

The plot of this book was interesting and had so much going on. I did see some of the ending coming, but nothing that ruined it or the rest of the twists. There was something at the end that seriously blew my mind and I still can’t believe it. I haven’t read much urban fantasy but this book has me wondering why. I loved following Clary and Jace and everyone else around New York City and seeing fantasy creatures worked into the fabric of the modern city, like the faeries in Central Park. The story was fast paced and exciting with the discovery of new worlds and secrets behind every character. The writing was compelling and kept me wanting to read late into the night. There wasn’t a dull moment in this book.

I love the Shadowhunter world. As I said, I haven’t read a lot of urban fantasy but Clare flawlessly wove fantasy aspects into a modern city setting and I loved it. So many different fantastical beings were mentioned—angels, demons, warlocks, faeries, dragons, vampires…the list goes on. If you’re a fantasy fan, that sentence alone should make you want to read it. I also really enjoyed the bits we learned about Idris and the history of the Circle and their world we haven’t seen yet. I can’t wait to keep learning about it in the rest of the series. I’m dying inside because I don’t have the rest of the books yet. I need more.

I’m considering dropping all my money on every Cassandra Clare book in existence because I’m so excited about her stories and characters and worlds. I know there’s so much more out there and it’s killing me not having them to read right away. I haven’t exactly been in a reading slump, but lately I’ve felt unexcited by a lot of the books I’ve been reading and seem to drag my way through them. City of Bones is the book I was waiting for to excite me again!


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