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I found this tag over on The Book Nut and, since I’m such a massive Harry Potter fan, had to do it. Wands at the ready! 


Writing charm—a book you found interesting but would like to rewrite

The Queen of the Tearling. I think the series is interesting and is well written but I wish I had liked the main character more. I just didn’t connect with her and found her irritating so I’d like to change that to make me enjoy the overall series more. 


Unlocking charm—a first book in a series that got you hooked

City of Bones. The writing, the characters, the action…I can’t resist Cassandra Clare’s work.


Summoning spell—a book you wish you could have right now

Maybe this is obvious but Kingdom of Ash. Although maybe not because I want to make the anticipation last. I still haven’t read Tower of Dawn for the same reason.

Avada Kedavra-

Killing curse—a killer book 

I Am Pilgrim was a great book. It was like reading a thriller movie.  


Confusion charm—a book you found confusing

The Night Circus. I kind of liked this book but it really didn’t live up to expectations and left me confused.

Expecto Patronum-

The guarding spell—your spirit animal book

The Book Thief. A girl who loves reading, knows the importance and power of words, and finds comfort in stories in the darkest of times—that sounds like me.


Dark curse—a dark, twisted book 

Gone Girl was strange but fantastic. 

Expecto Patronum (two times?)-

The Patronus charm—a childhood book connected to good memories

The Kissing Hand. My mom used to do the kissing hand with me and my sister before we left for school in the mornings. Ugh, I miss being small.


Disarming spell—a book that took you by surprise

Doctor Sleep. It’s the sequel to The Shining and I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did.

Prior Incantatum-

Reverse spell—the last book you read

Dead Sun by Luke Walker. Read my review here.


Boggart banishing spell—a funny book you’ve read

All of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I reread them early last year and still love them.


Amplifying charm—a book you think everyone should know about 

I couldn’t find a book that isn’t well known that I liked enough to think everyone needs to know about it. Instead, I’ll pick a book everyone has heard of but everyone needs to read if they haven’t. All the Light We Cannot See is so amazing and the writing is fantastic. Read it if you haven’t!!


Memory charm—a book or spoiler you’d like to forget reading

Empire of Storms. I learned an absolutely massive world destroying spoiler about how the book ends but even though I knew what would happen, I didn’t know how it would happen so it was still a very intense scene.


Controlling curse—a book you had to read for school

A Tale of Two Cities and I loved it. It’s the only non-Christmas work of Dickens’ that I’ve read. I really need to read more.


Torture charm—a book that’s painful to read

Cursed Child. I didn’t like it and in my mind it’s not what happens in the future of the HP universe.


Severing charm—a book you wish you could separate from its series

The Song Rising, the third book in the Bone Season series. It was an okay book—still well written and interesting—but it felt like the beginning of the series taking a typical turn into a dystopian revolution. I wish the whole series didn’t stray that way and felt more like the first two books.


Knockback jinx—a book that repels you

50 Shades of Grey. Ha. 


Stunning spell—a book that left you speechless

HP and the Deathly Hallows. I’ve never read anything that insane. I was shaking during the whole battle of Hogwarts. Nobody was safe and I was convinced one of the big three would die. It was wild.

I hope you enjoyed this tag. Feel free to do it for yourself and tag me so I can read your answers!

Thanks for reading,



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