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After doing numerous book tags and reading many other people’s, I’ve confirmed what I already suspected: I’m a pretty tame reader. I don’t defile my books and I don’t do anything particularly egregious while reading but somehow I manage to have a good time treating my books like the treasures they are. Today I have another book tag that highlights just how unexciting my habits are! It’s the Last 10 Book Tag and I found it on pace, amore, libri. 

1. What was the last book you DNF?

I have to think way, way back to answer this. The last time I DNF’d something was probably around nine years ago. I got the Barnes and Noble leather bound editions of A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, started them both and never finished them. I didn’t decide to DNF, it was more of an accidental “I’ll get back to these later” situation. I still haven’t gone back to them but it’s been so long that I really should make an effort to start those books again. 

2. Last book you reread?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! This disappointed the first time around but I enjoyed the reread more because I knew what I was in for. 

3. Last book you bought? 

I’ve been surviving off of books I was gifted from Christmas/birthday/etc. for some time now so it’s been a bit since I bought a book for myself. I believe one of the last books I got was The Muse by Jessie Burton when it was on sale at Barnes and Noble months ago. 

4. Last book you said you read but didn’t?

I’ve never told anyone I’ve read a book that I haven’t actually read. It seems like the type of thing that’s done when you want to impress someone but I just haven’t and don’t think I would. 

5. Last book you wrote in the margins of?

I’ve never written in the margins of my books…ever. The only thing that comes close to this was when I would write or doodle in my math textbooks in high school, but I owned those and knew they weren’t going back to a school so it was fine. I enjoy taking notes on books I read—my thoughts about them, reactions to scenes and quotes from the books— but I write those other places. I’m just not a fan of scribbling or highlighting my books. 

6. Last book you got signed?

I didn’t get this book signed but I bought a signed copy of Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas. Coincidentally, the last book I actually got signed (really went somewhere to have it signed) was also SJM–A Court of Wings and Ruin.

7. Last book you lost? 

I’ve never lost a book, but I know someone who has. It was a copy of the Necronomicon, which is a spell book – albeit a fake one. While perusing a bookstore’s horror section, upon realizing that he craved not simply fiction about something horrible but which was horrible itself, my friend turned and saw the book’s striking black, white and purple cover – as if the book had tapped him on the shoulder. He had read H.P. Lovecraft and knew that the Necronomicon wasn’t a genuine spell book, but backstory for Lovecraft’s mythos. He’d never seen a copy of it before, and the book (which presented itself as real) made for a satisfyingly creepy purchase. The book wasn’t much use for actual reading, however; the only interesting things about it were the introduction and the oddly specific spell instructions, which included times for use, the necessity for things like moonlight and precious metals, and admonitions against allowing one’s eyes to wander after having cast a spell (lest one make eye contact with something whose attention was best left unearned). He admitted that he had begun reading a spell aloud one day. It had been a sunny afternoon, and there was no moonlight, nor engraved metal plates or the like – the opposite of the conditions necessary for “success” – and of course, the book wasn’t real…but upon completion of the spell’s first line, there was a noise in the house. Possibly the house settling: one of those random sounds that just happen, and which are more simply ignored in a house that isn’t completely silent. He put the book down, and never read aloud from it again, leaving it on his shelves, where it stayed – but did not stay forever. Although my friend kept all of his books in one place, and although he’d never lent this book to anyone, it disappeared at some point. It may have gone missing during a move, but if so, it was the only book of his ever to do so – as if the book that had tapped him on the shoulder years before had slunk away in the dark of night and moved on down the road, perhaps in search of another shoulder on which to tap.

He hasn’t bought a new copy.

8. Last book you had to replace?

My leather bound edition of Anna Karenina. The beautiful cover was fading and rubbed off even though it was quite new and well taken care of. 

9. Last book you had an argument over? 

I have an ongoing friendly debate about The Great Gatsby. It’s not really an argument but I like it and he thinks it’s trash. 

10. Last book you couldn’t get ahold of? 

I go to a fair amount of book fairs (ha—I hate myself) and see a lot of beautiful and rare editions of books that’d be great to have but I mostly stick to mainstream, easy-to-get books. So I’m aware of a lot of difficult to find books I’d like to have, but I haven’t actually gone looking for any particular copies of books and been unsuccessful. 

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

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