Least Favorite Books of 2017

It’s only right that since I made a favorites post, I make a least favorites post. 2017 was a great year of books but there were a few that were just awful. I’m glad I read them, though, because now I can quickly review (complain about) them on the internet.



This beautiful edition of Le Morte D’Arthur makes you want to get caught up in the medieval Arthurian world of kings, knights and magicians, right? Me too.

I wanted to love this book so badly. I was ready to be swept away into the world of King Arthur, but this book was 850 pages of work. It took me two weeks to read this and the entire time felt like slowly trudging through a swamp of the same sword fighting scenes over and over. I asked myself more than once if I’d ever get out. It felt like the rest of my life might be spent in this book of confusing stories with characters who had similar names that fought each other in the same manner every time. If I read “He smote him so sore” followed by a character falling off his horse or avoiding his saddle (whatever that means) one more time, I think I’ll pass out.

I understand that this writing is from the fifteenth century and I didn’t go into it expecting a modern, easy reading experience, but it was rough getting through it. I actually found myself reading out loud at a few points because it was difficult to follow what was happening. Nothing about the story was captivating or exciting or made me want to read more. Sadly, the whole thing made for one of the worst books of the year.



I actually did a full review of this book which you can find here. To say the very least, it was a cliched, unexciting “thriller.”


I didn’t go into this book expecting to like it. Everything I’d heard about it made it seem like something I wouldn’t like, but I read it because it’s a classic. I’ll generally read any classic book because even if I hate it, at least I’ll have an opinion on it if it ever comes up in conversation.

This book is definitely one I’m only glad I read because I now have an opinion on it. This was absolutely the worst book of 2017. It was also the last book I read of the year, so 2017 ended on a pretty low note.

It was awful. I couldn’t stand Holden and the writing was a chore to get through. I can see why this was a groundbreaking novel when it came out in 1951 because it discusses topics that weren’t talked about back then and the style of writing, storytelling and type of protagonist were new, but it just doesn’t work for me. People always say every new Young Adult book is judged against Catcher in the Rye…maybe that has something to do with why I hate contemporary YA. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, I don’t like this type of story.

Nothing happened, there was no plot to even criticize. The whole book is a mess of stream of consciousness writing where Holden complained about everything around him. Everyone was “corny and “phony” because nothing measured up to his expectations. Honestly, the idea of a teenager being unhappy with the world does nothing for me. I don’t care much for a book full of an unsatisfied teen’s critical opinions of the world. There was no character development, he did nothing to change or improve his life—he just complained. I couldn’t relate to Holden at all and he made every second of reading this book torture. The casual I’m-talking-right-to-you style of writing is something I am not a fan of. Good thing it was so short because I don’t know if I could’ve spent much longer reading it.

It’s hard to get a rating this low, but Catcher in the Rye is one of the worst books I’ve ever read.


Well, there you have it! At least there were only a few horrible books and many, many fantastic reads last year. What are your thoughts on these books? Did you read any disappointing books last year? Let me know in the comments!


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