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Before anything else, I have to join in saying what the rest of the world must be saying right now. I can’t believe it’s already March. Where has the time gone? I feel like I haven’t read nearly enough books for it to already be March. I need to pick up the pace because I have a long, long list of books to read. Many of those are classic novels—I want to get my hands on basically every classic in existence. Some of them I’m confident I won’t enjoy, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer for example. I did not enjoy Huckleberry Finn and I can’t help thinking I won’t enjoy Tom Sawyer because the stories are similar. Of course I do have a list of classics I’m very excited for and, as I’m sure you’ve realized by now, that’s what I’m writing about today. These are my most anticipated classic novels!


I had to show the end pages because they’re so    spectacular

Alice in Wonderland is a book I’ve actually already read. I was about twelve years old at the time and it was one of the first real classics I read. I went into it not really knowing how different the writing style would be from modern books and was sort of disappointed by it. My expectations were very high because I already knew the story and thought it could only be better in the book. I definitely didn’t hate it but I was a bit underwhelmed by the outlandishness of it all. The writing style brought it down dramatically for me, but I am so excited to reread it. Now that I’ve read many classic novels, I’m sure the whimsicality of Wonderland will jump off the page at me. I can’t wait to fall down the rabbit hole once more. I plan on reading it this year, possibly within the next couple of months.



Another childhood favorite has made this list: Peter Pan. I’ve had this edition of Pan sitting on my shelf for years and I have vague memories of picking it up to read but somehow I never did get around to reading it. I am beyond excited to read this. I love, love, love Peter Pan and have since I was a small child watching the Disney movie. I love Peter and the Lost Boys and I even have quotes from the book memorized but I’ve never actually read it. It’s shameful, frankly. I plan on reading Peter Pan this year, too. 



The works of Edgar Allan Poe have been on my list for a long time. I’m eager to read the stories of the man who is credited with inventing the genre of Gothic Literature by many. I read The Telltale Heart years ago and wasn’t crazy about it but I think I’ll have a greater appreciation for his work now that I’m not twelve and reading it for a school assignment. I’m not sure when I’ll be reading this collection but I look forward to it. 



Keeping with the macabre theme is H.P. Lovecraft. I haven’t read any Lovecraft but I’m aware of his effect on modern horror and want to read his work for myself. I’m not a huge horror fan but I do enjoy the occasional Stephen King book and I would like to dabble more into the world of classic horror. I’m hoping I’ll be able to add one of these stories to my list of favorites right along side Dracula. 



Call me Ishmael. That’s right, y’all, Moby Dick is next on my list. This beast of a book is on every “Books You Must Read in Your Life” list I’ve ever seen. And so it’s on my list. A driving factor for me highly anticipating reading this novel might have something to do with incredible edition my dad has, but who can really say? You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but what about judging it by its amazing illustrations? That’s okay in my book. Aside from drooling over the beautiful edition, I am excited to read this book. It’s a great American novel and has stood the test of time and weathered the criticism of thousands over all those years, but the true test of its greatness will be if it stands up to my informed, critical, and brilliant judgement.*



I have read some Sherlock Holmes stories before and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m not sure why I haven’t continued reading the rest of them, but I haven’t thought about reading them in a very long time. I’m ready to get back to the cases with Sherlock and Watson. I already know I enjoy the writing and the cases are great, so I’m excited to return to Arthur Conan Doyle’s work soon.  

Thanks for reading!


*I’m kidding

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