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Today I’m doing the This or That book tag! I saw this tag over on bookbastion last week and knew I had to do it. 

Reading on the bed or the couch?

I do both, but mostly on the couch. I only read on my bed if I feel like reading before I go to sleep which doesn’t happen all that often. I usually will just stay up late on the couch to read, anyway.

Male main characters or female main characters?

Female! I can relate to them more and there’s nothing I like more than a strong, well written female protagonist. I think they often make for the most interesting characters. Most of the books I read have female mains and I think there’s more of a focus on emotion and the complexities of people and relationships that I haven’t experienced as much with male protagonists. I haven’t read many books with male protagonists that are something other than adult fiction (not YA) and sometimes those focus more on plot instead of characters. At least the books I’ve read, anyway. 

Sweet snacks or salty snacks while reading? 

I don’t snack while reading. If I had to choose, I’d say sweet because I don’t mind a cookie (or two) every once in a while and I’m not a huge fan of salty snacks. I much prefer a cup of coffee with my reading than a snack, though. 

Trilogies or quartets? 

I don’t really have a preference. It’s strange that series are always three or seven books so I don’t mind seeing a series that breaks that mold a bit. My only concern with a quartet would be if I feel that the story needed a fourth book or if it feels like it could’ve been told better in three. I wouldn’t want it to drag out unnecessarily (as some series really do) and be full of fillers because the publishers wanted one more book but if the series is amazing, of course I wouldn’t say no to another book!

Reading first person or third person POV? 

Third person. I don’t mind first person depending on how well it’s done (SJM does it well in ACOTAR) but sometimes it just grates on me. It does fade into the background eventually, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel right. Third person is my favorite. The world and information readers get can feel more vast and detailed when it’s third person. It also just sounds better to me. 

Reading at night or in the morning? 

Whenever I can! I don’t care what time it is but my reading usually does take place at night because I start writing as soon as I get up in the morning and go all day. If I’m going somewhere during the day and can bring a book to read in the car or while waiting, I’ll do that too. 

Libraries or bookstores?

Bookstores. I like to own my books and I just really love going to bookstores. 

Books that make you laugh or cry?

This is easy; laugh. Books never make me cry, even when I’m completely devastated over something and feel like the world is ending, I don’t cry over books. But I do laugh at books a lot and I love it. Also, humor and sarcasm alway make me love characters more. 

Black book covers or white book covers?

I love how clean and classic black books are, they look the best. Occasionally, I like a color thrown in there, but white is never my first choice. Even if the white stayed very clean (mine do), they just don’t look that nice. The only problem I have with black books is that I always end up with black dye on my fingertips. I’m not sweaty and I’m not reading with wet hands so I’m really not sure why it always happens. Anyone else have this problem? 

Character driven or plot driven? 

Character driven. A plot can be fantastic but if I’m not connecting to the characters or if they feel shallow, I won’t like the book that much. I’m also more interested in books that really focus on the emotions and relationships of characters as well as the plot. I was just saying the other day that the Throne of Glass series has the most insane plot I’ve ever read (besides Harry Potter) but I wouldn’t care so much about it if I didn’t care so much about the characters. That’s the best way to sum it up. 

Thank you for reading! I tag anyone who wants to do it. 


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